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Forum General Rules δημιουργήθηκε από admin
- Avoid racial, sexual, sexist, religious and political comments. Violators will get BANNED immediately without any further justification.
- Be polite to everyone and use correct grammar. Public expression requires responsibility.
- The use of this forum for personal confrontations is not allowed.
- Do not use all caps when writing a post. It is considered to be rude.
- Avoid double-posts, unless they are of different subject. If you want to add something to one of your posts, use the editing option.
- Public or private (PM) spamming is not allowed in any way. Advertising products and/or services is also not allowed.
- Before starting a new topic, you might want to check if one exists already with the same subject.
- All posts should be discussed in the appropriate sections according to their content. The Moderators have the right to move, edit or even delete any post that doesn't follow the above mentioned rules.
- Links to any shops with counterfeit or copies of LEGO products are NOT allowed and will be removed.
- and its admin/mods have no responsibility of any events beyond this webspace.
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