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LEGO set / element donations δημιουργήθηκε από admin
Our club accepts donations of LEGO toys, like sets or loose LEGO bricks, in any quantity.

- Sealed sets are stored and given to children during our public activities and events.

- Loose LEGO bricks are used in our events as a free-build activity for kids and can also be donated to institutions or schools in great quantities.

We put children's safety and health above all, so we have set the following standards to all LEGO sorting procedures:
  • Sealed LEGO sets
    All boxes are cleaned and disinfected after the donation, before storage and before any give away.
  • Opened LEGO sets
    All bricks are removed from the boxes and we loose brick procedure is followed.
  • Loose LEGO bricks
    All bricks are checked thoroughly and if any non-LEGO elements are found, they are removed.
    All LEGO bricks are washed in a washing machine.
    All very small bricks are separated.
    The remaining bricks are stored for later used in one of our events or for donations. Every small brick remains in the club for our members.

If you wish to donate LEGO bricks to our club, you can fill the Donations form (through the "Contact us" menu) and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. For transparence reasons, all donation will be published on our website. Because we respect your private data, we will only mention your credentials, unless differently requested by you.
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